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Policies and Procedures Manual


When properly established and implemented, policies and procedures become invaluable for identifying and delegating responsibilities, preserving a consistent level of quality performance throughout church ministries and protecting church leaders and the congregation as a whole. This resource will serve to organize all church approved policies and procedures in one location for easy access and use.

The POLICIES & PROCEDURES MANUAL contains hundreds of operational policy and procedure examples. It is divided into six sections - Leadership and Management, Personnel, Financial, Facilities, General Administration and Ministry. All policies and procedures are presented in a consistent manner with section references and paragraph numbering. All Policy Statements are supported with scriptural references and most procedures are referenced to applicable form(s) that would be used to document the transaction or event. These forms are available in the Administrative Forms Manual resource. Other helpful hyperlinks have been added throughout the resource to related policy sections.

This resource can be purchased as hard copy manual only, or in software. In software form, the material is provided in a PDF format for easy use in reviewing, researching and printing. These PDF files are linked to customizable working files (Microsoft Office Word file format). These working files will be used to create your own Policies and Procedures Manual.

Summary of Policy & Procedure Examples Found in this Manual

Section I - Leadership and Management:

Code of Ethics, Volunteer Oversight, Prevention of Children and Youth Abuse, Conflict-of-Interest, Conflict Resolution, Disaster Management and Recovery, Fraud Prevention, Privacy of Information, and many more. Over 150 resource pages.

Section II - Personnel:

Section III - Financial:

Effective System of Internal Controls, General Accounting System, Budgeting, Contributions, Purchasing, Cash Disbursements, Cash Management and Reserves, Investments, Fixed Assets, Long-Term Debt, Fiscal Reporting, Governmental Reporting Obligations, Year-End Closing and many more. Over 270 resource pages.

Section IV - Facilities:

Housekeeper and Maintenance Program, Safety and Protection, Security, Use of Facilities, Weddings and Receptions, Use of Vehicles, Service Contracts, Insurance and many more. Over 130 resource pages.

Section V - General Administration:

Record Retention, Communication and Media, Telephone Usage and Message Services, Copyright Infringement, Computer Services, Official Website, Bookstore, Food Service and many more. Over 140 resource pages.

Section VI - Ministry:

Worship Services, Intercessory Prayer, Ushering, Music, Counselors, Preschool, Children, Youth, Adults, Christian School, Benevolence, Activities Center, World Missions and many more. Over 275 resource pages.

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